We are dedicated to quality and freshness, from the sources we partner with to the good gifts we deliver.
That’s why our bouquets are sourced from expert growers around the world.
Passion drives our flower sources with generations of experience, these sources are masters of their trade.
They take pride in every flower they cultivate, which means we deliver quality products in every customer’s hands.
The result is stunning, long-lasting flowers.

– Fresh from the Farm –
All our flowers grow from the finest climate with the best soil, water and light conditions possible.
They are directly sent from farm to your hands.

– Our Experienced Partner –
We have sourced flowers only from a specific and trusted network of growers and dealer.
Therefore, you can rely on our products that there is no problem about them.

– Boxed Fresh, Delivered Fast –
The fresh flower from the farm arrangement is inspected and shipped in the proper box to locations nationwide.
You can specific the box pattern or shipping / order details as your desire to us.


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